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But do you know where your water mains are located?

This is something every householder needs to know because it can save a lot of mess when a plumbing disaster strikes!

Your water meter is most likely to be located towards the front of your property near your left or right boundary, and should look like one of these;

Water Meter Cover Types Nz 

Please take the time to locate your water mains because I can assure you that,

But, by then it may be too late to go searching...

Why you should know which water meter serves your property:

  • Leaks: You will need to know which water meter serves your property before you can carry out a leak test.
  • Large bills: If you have received a large water bill, you may want to check that there has been no mix-up between your property and a neighbouring property that may be using more water than your household.

Once you find the Water Meter it will be a good idea to verify that it is definitely your meter.

To do this you just follow these simple steps;

  • Lift the lid and check the water meter’s number against the number shown on your bill.
  • If the numbers match, progress to the next step.
  • If they do not match, or if there are multiple meters and it is difficult to read the numbers, please call your water provider.

Water Meter Reading

Turn off your water supply to the property.

  • Turn the tap (meter gate valve) clockwise to turn your water supply off.  

Water Mains On Off

Check that you have located the correct water meter.

  • Go inside and turn on the cold tap in your kitchen. Wait a few seconds while the water that was in your pipes flows out. If your tap stops running after a few seconds, this confirms the meter you have found serves your property.
  • If your tap is still running after a minute, this meter may not be the one servicing your property.
  • Return to the water meter box and turn the tap (meter gate valve) back on.
  • Search for another meter and if found, repeat the same process. But you must remember to always turn the water back on or you will have very upset neighbours.

In the event you cannot locate your water meter, call your water provider for further information and assistance.

Hopefully this information is of some assistance to you.


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