A burst pipe in your home is generally very noticeable and obviously needs to be attended to urgently. 

But what about when you have a leaking pipe that is a little bit harder to notice?  Perhaps you have noticed a damp odour in your home or your water charges have unexpectedly increased – these are definite signs that you should call a plumber to check for water leaks in your home.

Although a burst water pipe can be serious, it can be dealt with quickly by cutting off the water supply to the house (details here), calling your local plumber (Plumber Auckland City) and immediately commencing the water removal process yourself until the professionals arrive.

On the other hand, a leaking pipe is much more subtle and can often have caused significant damage before it is detected. It is vitally important that you contact your plumber as soon as there is the smallest sign of a pipe leakage – so the moment you smell, see, hear or suspect a leak, call Plumber Auckland City for a speedy assessment of your situation.

Our typical services for burst or leaking pipes include:

  • Tap repair or replacement

  • Pipe sectional replacement

  • Leaking joint repair

  • Valve repair or replacement

  • Hot water cylinder repairs

  • Complete pipe replacement


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