Primarily due to the fact that the pipes are located underground, it is more difficult and time consuming to detect what and where the problems are. But that doesn’t mean it is a hopeless situation because there will be obvious signs to indicate that there is a problem and also approximately where repairs will be needed.

Here are some things that you should watch out for;


  • consistent slow-draining pipes
  • toilet fails to flush down all waste substances
  • recurring clogs in the drainage system
  • unpleasant odours escaping from the drain pipes
  • consistent or intermittent presence of overflows and backups
  • slow drainage getting slower as time passes
  • ageing pipe/drainage lines
  • chemical products such as drain cleaners fail to remedy problem
  • shallow pipes appearing close to the surface (pushed up by tree roots)
  • broken, corroded and dislocated pipes
  • domestic drain clearing wire cables fail to remedy the problem
  • high pressure water blasting fails to eradicate clogs

Hopefully this has given you a little bit of information that may well save you some money in the future. If you suspect a broken or blocked underground pipe in your property, simply give Plumber Auckland a call and we will call by to see what the problem is and what is necessary to remedy same.

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